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Default Clutch R & R Plus...

I just want to check in about a recent clutch R & R that happened to my '92.

I went with a stock Valeo clutch, got it from Phoenix Friction, with rev B TO bearing. I got a hold of a (very slightly) used SHO Source lightened steel flywheel, and that was put in as well.

Replaced the OEM SF bushings with Gen III rear bushings. Replaced the (compromised) LCAs with new ones from SHO Source. Tightened the strut rods at the front, as the front of the two piece bushings had migrated a bit.

Replaced the compromised inner/intermediary axle shaft with a used one from SHO Source. Not a good part to have fail on you while driving. Also replaced the separated front motor mount with a reinforced one from SHO Source.

Overall, great investment! The car is much quieter in the front, and sure steers/tracks better. Stock clutch, yes, no difference there (except that the previous clutch had a broken strap so wasn't exactly working right), but the lighter flywheel makes shifting smoother.

Now the twisting feeling in the engine area that you feel when you stand on it is limited to torque steer, with the stronger SF bushings and reinforced front motor mount.

Love it!

Thanks to Mike (SHOPartsNW) for the work! Done right!
Green '92 - MagnaFlow y-pipe/SHO Source 2.5 in. two outlet catback, MagnaFlow mufflers, K&N, 80 mm MAF, SHO Source BBBs and manifold porting, base TwEECer, Gen III SF bushings, SHO Source steel flywheel, SHO Source reinforced front motor mount, Keystone Powder suspension kit (strut tower connectors, H brace & SFCs), SHO Source Stage III 12 " front brakes, Hawk HPS pads, Russell SS brake flex lines...
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I am about to do exactly the same to my 91, great to hear that the combo of parts makes for a nice driving car! I am going with a stock valeo clutch with the ceramic TOB, aluminum SF bushings and a shosource motor mount. Can't wait to get it all done!
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Thumbs Up Tightening Up the Body and Sub-Frame

I've found that all the things that you guys have mentioned turns out to be a solid investment and makes the car much better.

Do everything you can to make the clutch assembly and shifter work properly.
If you haven't replaced the clutch cable, bushings and rod shifter bushings, then do it now.
If you haven't replaced sway bar bushings, end links, sub frame bushings and control arm bushings with upgraded parts, then do it while you can.
Check your axle parts.

More power is great, but is useless unless you've completed the above stuff first.

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