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    i have been reading on the forum this morning on how to install electric water temp and electric oil pressure gauges. but i am still confused as to where the best place to tap into the coolent line to get a temp reading. if someone has some insight or a picture of this it would be greatly appreciated.
    also where to put that sender for oil press.


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    For the water temp sensor, find your stock sensor located to the left of the thermostat. This is where you will need to make a "T" so that you can hook up both sending units.

    For the Oil pressure, you need to make a "T" where the stock sensor is. The stock oil pressure sensor is located on the back side of the engine towards the driver's side.

    That weas a pretty quick rundown, but that's the basics of the install. If you do a little digging useing the search function, you can come up with pictures of both. That's how I found out how too hook mine up 3 years ago!

    Enjoy you NEW guages, that are actually accurate.:thumb:

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