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Apr 5, 2016
Jan 12, 2005
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High Hopes

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Apr 5, 2016
    1. NickTheTrick
      Just noticed your picture on the post said Richmond, Virginia in graffiti. I'm from here. What's up!
    2. shonuffmine
      DUUUUUUDE freeking hilarious, I called Kevin sunday the 15th n asked him if he has talked to ya lately!!! LMAO .
      unfortuniatly this has been a real bad n ruff year for me as my GF of 18 yrs has had her cancer come out of remission, lost 2 best friends to age n bad health n lost Mom tues Dec. 3rd ,she was struck by a truck while crossing the street in front of her house ,so have a tough time right now.
      Go ahead n txt me your ph# or give me a call anytime dude miss hanging out up there n will make time soon as I will semi retire probally this summer , starting a supervision position this season at Siemens as a safety adviser . The plan is to work 4-6 months a yr doing that,and will have my shop up this spring to start building old iron rods n muscle cars again,maybe fab chassis again to.
      holla holla
    3. kevinspann
      I'm on ur SHOforums, stalking ur profile.
    4. thxone
      Hey, I have no clue how to accept the invite to this club lol. Can you help me out?
    5. kevinspann
      Trollin' your page.
    6. caseywan
      Nope, silver.
    7. shoaddict
      Yea, I talked to Frank the other day on how they changed the ALT on the 94 MTXs. He saved the day about a month ago when he let me get a crank bolt. I did a 60K on my 94 & the crank bolt refused to come off & I mean REFUSED like 17 times every way I could think of!!! TIGHTEST BOLT ON EARTH!!! Read through the forums & they were all in the same boat finally it came off!!!! Hole saw, THANK U SHO FORUMS.COM Yea Frank Knows that guy, he said It's a sweet sho. We will meet up some day. Look I think I'm going to sale my blue SHOs ? DON'T WANT TO But Must make some sacrifices to help fund my 2 projects. My STANG & SHO twins. BIG PLANS $$$$$$ Had a question about the sho trader forum & donations? Get back with me THANKS
    8. SHOBOYV1
      awesome SHO motor bro!
    9. ZooYoost
      Oh I got yah. Wasn't that a movie?

      Wasn't he "v"?
    10. Catz
      I was invited to this group and this is my first visit here. Looking forward to participating. I just bought my fully loaded white 2010 fully loaded to the gills, SHO with 20 inch wheels and would one day like to join ya'll for a get-together to show off our SHOs. Do you have any idea when or where there will be a meet-up now that the weather is starting to come around? I would love to come and talk shop.

      Thanks so much,

      Melissa from VB
    11. ZooYoost
      Whats your avatar from, reonize it but cn't place it
    12. trainguy1989
      Well I was driving the Plymouth switcher yesterday. It still needs some more work. The engine is starting to backfire under load. So no car switching right now :( This is the group I do passenger rides and motorcar trips with:

      These are my motorcar/speeder trips:
    13. shomtx95
      thanx for the invite, i wish i could make it. please invite me to the next get together, maybe i can make it to the next one.
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