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Jan 8, 2015
May 1, 2001
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Jan 8, 2015
    1. Shohobo
      I can't get a picture of my SHO to post to my avatar...any suggestions? Thx
    2. Shotyme91
      I'd like to post, "How much is a 91 SHO Plus worth in South Carolina? Contact number is 803-316-7906
    3. Revere sho
      Revere sho
      Hi Beth. I just wanted to message you to let you know I made a $5 donation to get my ad up.
    4. HYPOSHO
      is PayPal the one I need to donate to, to get me add up and runing? How much do you shougest?
    5. Keith A. Davis
      Keith A. Davis
      Can you please delete my profile?
    6. n8rsk8r
      Hey Beth. Can you call me about the transmission I bought from you some years back? 913-980-3823. I need to get it so I can finally get my vehicle running. I want the newer trans, that was a 94 IIRC.
      1. n8rsk8r
        I would like to figure out a way to either get it handed down to me with people coming this way.. or figure out a weekend to make a dash up to you and get it.

        Please call me, I have actually tried to get ahold of you about it for a couple years now and haven't received any response from you.


        Mar 8, 2015
    7. Collierville074
      Im new here n was wondering if any one had a Complete list of parts I will need in making my 89 festiva into a shogun. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Pat.
      1. LOUDSHO92
        This would be best asked on the forum. There is already a thread of some one doing this right now.
        Jan 27, 2015
    8. Mark328
      Hello, Im new to Forums and not sure how to start. I have a 97 SHO 140k, my son now takes to college. (About a 4 hour drive) Last time he came home it died in the middle of the highway at traffic jam. Police pushed him off and about 2 hours later I got there. Didn't see any signs of problems so we tried to start it and all was fine. drove all weekend and all good. When he headed back it died again about 3+ hours into drive. After about 45 minutes he tried to start it again and it started up. Got on to college. Now Im going to get him in the morning. Wondered if you could give me any advice. He told me the heater doesn't seem to be heating up. ( We live in Texas so don't really know when that stopped working) Thank you for any help. Hope this message was okay.
      1. paburke001
        Had similar problem with my 95 ATX. Found broken ignition wire still inside insulation, after a LOT of Easter egg hunting! When car heated up, insulation would expand and the copper would lose continuity. Car would cool down, then start up again like nothing was wrong. Got worse as time went on.
        Jan 25, 2015
    9. Travelingman
      Hey Billy I don't have permission to add thread in the introduce yourself part HELP lol
    10. htheduck
      Email sent to, regarding $15 donation (from
      I will submit an ad shortly or later on this evening. Thank you.
    11. Sarge1400
      I made a $10 donation yesterday, would have been from I also submitted an ad for approval in the SHO Trader forum, titled something like "1993 SHO ATX white w/ pearl clearcoat". Please approve my ad as soon as you get a chance. Thanks!

    12. jccorb
      hey do you know of any one in the toledo ohio area that would be interested in buying all my collected parts full motor never ran 92...... a bare block and 5spd tranny lots of misc parts doors and gray leather interior and slicers lots and lots of parts thanks jerry 4197797406
    13. PROPHET
      Hello sweety.
    14. Storm-Chaser
      Hey !
      Contact me...
    15. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      I wondered if you have gotten a chance to see the 1/2 inch intake spacer "group buy" thread conducted by hot rod kid. It has been weeks with no communication, or refunds. This is a pretty crappy thing to do on the forum.
      Brian :)
    16. Mike Kelly
      Mike Kelly
      HI Babe,

      I hope all is well. I just have been able to return to the site on a regular basis. Thanks for letting me back in the site. I will stay in touch for good now. Mike Kelly
    17. Kens1992mtxSHO
      Long time no talk! How have you been old friend?
    18. danebish40
      I would like to know if you know anyone in Texas that can help me find the problem in my 91 Sho in the tranny. Here is my number 936-933-5879, please help, I bought the car and it only has 155,000 miles on it.
    19. BAM614
      Hey, just checking to see when my ad will be approved/posted? I paypalled the money two nights ago and still don't see my FS ad.

    20. ArkanSHO
      Please check out the letter from Don on the SHO Club site. I posted a couple weeks ago about this but he is helping me get some traction on it.
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