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  1. DerricksSHO
    DerricksSHO JasonoftheRugar
    Do you think a 28 offset would fit with a 9 inch wide wheel? Im wanting 275 45 20 555 g2's and a flush wheel and am wanting a nice wheel I like yours but have been looking at a few different ones and want to know my options. Thanks
  2. mybigsho
    2016 SHO non PP, LMS, AIR, STAT, 3BAR, H&R SPRINGS.. Best ET [email protected] 182 60FT..
  3. RJ-92
    Old and slow
  4. Chromatic
    I tell you what, 60K here I come.
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  5. back2SHO
    sell me your GEN1.
  6. jon93
    jon93 jordanr
    I'm trying to PM you with no luck. Please message me. Thanks
    1. jordanr
      Feb 22, 2017
  7. Sonodeep
    Sonodeep shopartsnw
    Just wondering if I'm too late to get in on the coilovers. Let me know if it's not too late. Thanks.
  8. OnusPDander
    Have a 1989 sho and the cruise control only works intermittently. Have changed the steering wheel control and put on a new control servo.
  9. Tactical SHO
    Tactical SHO white92
    Hey man give me a text back so I know you got this is want your SHO.
  10. Tactical SHO
    Tactical SHO white92
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you please contact me at 3306081031. I would love to check out your SHO. My name is Sean.
  11. mjsweet22
  12. Tactical SHO
    Tactical SHO Geek SHO
    I might be interested your vortech. Can I reach you by email or phone number you can text me or call me at 3306081031
  13. Tactical SHO
    Tactical SHO white92
    Hello I just seen your message I'm open to looking at your car please call me I'm available all day tomorrow. 3306081031 looking forward to seeing the car.
  14. SHOguy2276
    Blown turbo, blown motor 2.5 was later
  15. gmisner94
    gmisner94 zach_435
    Hey zach have any more photos with the new wheel setup?
  16. joe raptor
    joe raptor saygbye
    Hey brother , do you still have the camber bolts?, are they new ?.
  17. Rok
    Rok Greg9933
    Hi Greg, Thanks for any further info you can give me on performance mods and what you've had success with.
    My email: [email protected]
  18. OlGeezer
    OlGeezer SV&HOdan
    Hello...New to forum...But original owner of my 94 SHO 3.o manual,,,,,I saw a thread that recommended you as a possible source for tensioner pulley for serp belt, alternator ..the upper pulley...Mine is starting to sound you have a good used one ? Price ?
  19. Sgtmeatsauce1
    Sgtmeatsauce1 13blacksho
    What did you do to your airbox, where is this snorkel?
  20. Anonymous
    Anonymous AREA 91
    Whats up kevin from Hershey told me to get a hold of you about getting a SHO motor rebuild hit me up

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